Author: Legendary Bruce



How do I do it? A comedian, and image curator, yoga instructor, father of 2, pimp playa hustle. I recently had to quit my job. I realized that over the course of 5 years, I had been building multiple talents to free myself from a normal 8 hours job. The time I reclaimed from this […]


That extra touch

Most people think that a photographer simply clicked the button and that the end. On average, I spend a 4x as must time in front of pictures editing. Removing and adding, adjusting and correcting. I could always give you the photos fresh out the camera. They are high quality, well lit professional photos. But I […]


Kevin Hart’s “Hart of the City” – Season 2

I was bless with the opportunity flex my comedy muscle in front of Kevin Hart, Joey Wells and a live audience, for the Twin Cities episode of “Hart of the City” – Season 2. The show was filmed at Baddies Comedy Co., hosted my Shed G, and the highlighted comedians Ali Sultan, Greg Coleman, Earl […]


Working w/ Other Artists

As a artist myself, I understand the importance of the mood and the feeling of the images you release. I like to have a conversation with all my clients to get a better understanding of what the images will be used for and start to agitate ideas that can bring your vision to life.