Building Heat

Combining a few of my artistic capabilities. Yoga, writing, imagery and lighting. One of my favorite methods of expression is writing. I remember being about 11 years old and watching my older brother battle rap over the internet in competitions. I use to read them lyrics and be amazed at how i could visualize exactly […]


Go with the Flow

All settled into the new space and ready to continue moving forward with my practice. Sessions starting July 24th. Courses available NOW! Visit our yoga page for more information. Namaste. Header image: “Royal Meditation”

God King Robe’s


Lighting is the most important piece of taking a photograph. It’s also the best way to individualize your work and create uniqueness in your projects. I’ve done and will continue to research into classic and newer methods of lighting. I want to learn how to duplicate any light I want to learn the rules so […]


Methods to my madness

My creative method….the way I conjure ideas or concepts is unique to me. Sometimes things come to me right there, in the heat of the moment. Right while I’m working on what I need it for. Other times they come to me randomly throughout my day. I take note, and later on attempt to fruit […]


HL now on Behance.net

I’ve recently updated some of my software and hardware so that I can ensure a higher quality image to my clients and collaborator’s. These upgrades came with some features that I will be utilizing a lot more. One of them is the Adobe online portfolio visible worldwide Behance.net. Check out my profile in the link […]