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Kevin Hart’s “Hart of the City” – Season 2

I was bless with the opportunity flex my comedy muscle in front of Kevin Hart, Joey Wells and a live audience, for the Twin Cities episode of “Hart of the City” – Season 2. The show was filmed at Baddies Comedy Co., hosted my Shed G, and the highlighted comedians Ali Sultan, Greg Coleman, Earl […]


Working w/ Other Artists

As a artist myself, I understand the importance of the mood and the feeling of the images you release. I like to have a conversation with all my clients to get a better understanding of what the images will be used for and start to agitate ideas that can bring your vision to life.


Methods to my madness

My creative method….the way I conjure ideas or concepts is unique to me. Sometimes things come to me right there, in the heat of the moment. Right while I’m working on what I need it for. Other times they come to me randomly throughout my day. I take note, and later on attempt to fruit […]


HL now on Behance.net

I’ve recently updated some of my software and hardware so that I can ensure a higher quality image to my clients and collaborator’s. These upgrades came with some features that I will be utilizing a lot more. One of them is the Adobe online portfolio visible worldwide Behance.net. Check out my profile in the link […]